My sister and her friends are still talking about how much fun my sister’s bachelorette party was two weeks ago!
My sister just graduated from UWGB as a Registered Dietician so I wanted to plan a fun weekend to celebrate her wedding but with some health oriented stuff to also celebrate her four years of hard work. I knew we were going to do a spa night with my Young Living essential oils and I had set up a picnic supper at the place where her fiance proposed but I needed a main event. I needed something fun, crazy, memorable, not super expensive, and easy for everyone to learn and enjoy. Several options were thrown out by the other bridesmaids but as I looked into them, they all had huge drawbacks – one was crazy expensive, another was too far away, another had an age requirement, one couldn’t be booked for private parties, and so on. After pole class one night, as I was putting on my shoes, I saw the little cards for parties at Aerial Dance. “Seriously, Tessa?!?” I thought to myself. I’ve walked past and looked at those little cards a thousand times and never thought to do any checking into a party at Aerial. Let me how amazing this was!
Scheduling was a breeze! You go on the Aerial Dance website, and click the big, purple “Parties at Aerial Dance” button. This takes you to a page where you fill out a 45 second “Request a Party” form. Now, Paula was out of town and the instructors are all very busy women so I assumed it’d be a 24-48 hour wait before I heard back from anyone about my request. Nope! Chrissy was back to me in 2 hours! A couple of emails to work out some details and the entire event was booked and set up a half hour later!
The actual party was a total blast!!! Olivia taught us a super cool beginner pole routine that had the girls giggling as they did Back Hooks and Tangoed around the pole. Several jokes were made about Jasmine needed to keep practicing for the wedding night and how her fiance would be thrilled with her new skill. Then we got to go in the back to play in the hammocks and learned a few beginner moves there. Going upside down was huge hit as we couldn’t invert on the poles. After stretching out we did the beloved Bat Cave and talked about how much fun the afternoon had been. One of the girls is starting pole classes with me next month and my sister will be joining me in September when the Green Bay studio opens! It was such a joy to get to share my love of pole with my friends, family and soon to be family!!!