Self Love

February has come and gone, but self love needs to continue. All through the month of February,I knew I needed to work harder at showing myself some love. Right now my life kind of feels like a hurricane. I am a teacher, graduate student, and girlfriend to a  wonderful man who has a young child. There have been many ups and downs in the last couple months trying to balance all the new and exciting changes in my life. I tried really hard for the first few weeks of February to continue to practice self-love strategies, but lost myself along the way. It’s funny how life will do that to you. Things start to pile up and soon again you are pushing your needs to the side for others. I am very grateful for all the things in my life, but lately stress has gotten the best of me. Now has been a time when I need the studio and my pole sisters to help me stay sane.
The last weekend in February Aerial Dance held their Self Love party. The party was open to all aerial members. It was nice to spend time with friends and meet new people. After the party at the studio, the fun continued for the February book club meeting. Although I was not able to read the book last month, the meeting was still open to anyone who would like to join. As the other ladies discussed last month’s book, I found that, I was and still am not practicing the best self love skills. It is a goal that I will continue to work towards.  Spending the evening with many amazing women helped me to reduce some stress.

Skills I learned From The Book Club

  1. Remember your needs! (You don’t have to rely on others to make you happy!)
  2. Remove yourself from negative self talk by asking yourself, “Would I talk to a very close friend this way?
    • Wise words of Paula to herself when she feels she is using negative self talk, “Are you being to mean my friend Paula right now?” if you say. “Yes” to yourself, you need to stop!
  3. Self love is journey! Some days we take two steps forward and other four steps back! Keep trying!
  4. No two people’s self love is the same. You need to search inside you to see what you need to be able to love yourself.
  5. You are worth it!

March Book Club

This months book is With Winning in Mind! Paula chose this book as she felt that it would help those who are competing to have the right mind set. I had never heard of the book chosen for this month. I did a little research about the book, and found this awesome Youtube video of Lanny Bassham describing the amount of effort you should put forth when trying. It helped open my eyes to over trying. Click this link and check it out!  With Winning in Mind
Until Next Time,