Our bodies change. And they change constantly.  Over my two and a half years as a student at Aerial, my body has gone through a TON of changes.  My weight has fluctuated up and down a 50 pound swing, I had a miscarriage, I had a uterine surgery, I had a baby. I see women walking through the door every day going through changes.  Women who have or are going through chemo, pregnancy, depression, menopause, the list goes on. Our bodies go through so much. They carry so much.  And all of it causes so much change, constantly. 

Every change our bodies have affects our ability to use our muscles, our ability to get into positions, our ability to see ourselves in a positive light, our center of gravity.   Every day we walk through the studio door our body is slightly different than it was the last time we walked through the door.  Every day we walk through the door our body is capable of slightly different things.  You might feel really strong one day. You might feel like you look like the bad*** self that you are. You might feel like walking through the door was all the strength your muscles had for the day. 

At about 30-31 weeks pregnant I was getting into a Jordan while Olivia stayed near me.  I remember saying something about struggling to get my back foot in the exact position I thought it needed to be in.  Olivia quickly reminded me it was impressive I was still getting into a Jordan at all, but equally as important was her pointing out that every day I was at the studio my center of gravity was changing. Now for the non-child bearing people, the change in your center of gravity day to day isn’t going to be nearly as drastic, but it still exists.  Every day you walk through the door, your center of gravity, your body, your ability is different. 

As the weather changes our grip changes. This happens because once again, our body changes daily due to so many variables.  The chemicals in our bodies are constantly changing. Post pregnancy my grip is completely different than it was pre-pregnancy or even during pregnancy.  People on different medications will have different grip abilities. 

While our bodies are constantly changing and ever evolving they are still the amazing vessels we use each day.  Recognizing that even though our body is changing every day, our body is also doing its best, helps you.  Remembering there will be days when you can hit the Juliet with grace and ease and there will be days when a corkscrew seems like a perfectly good challenge allows you to remember your body changes daily.  

Remembering that our bodies change daily, that our bodies evolve daily, helps me give myself grace.  Grace to accept that my body has changed, and while my body is capable of so very much, maybe today is not the day it is capable of a Dragonfly. Give yourself grace and remember your body is changing, each time you walk through the door of the studio your body is doing amazing kickbutt things, the important part is to keep walking through the door.