HOLY MOLY!!!!!! We are only one week away from the Christmas Show! I can’t believe it!

Prepping for the Show

As this week goes by, meet with your routine group a couple of times, but don’t run yourself into the ground! This goes for other classes too! Take a few classes, but don’t over do it! You will need your strength for the show! Be sure to take care of yourself in the coming week! Here some quick tips to follow for next week!

  1. Practice (but don’t over do it)
  2. Run your routine in your costume! (That is if you haven’t already!)
  3. Get good rest a few nights before the show! (being tired can throw off your whole routine! Plus starting a few nights ahead will curb the lack of sleep you get from pre-show jitters the night before.)
  4. Take it easy on your body during the week! (Don’t spend countless hours at the studio beating up your body, you will need all of your energy and strength to perform to the best of you abilities.)
  5. Try to make better eating choices throughout the week. ( I know we all want to look fabulous in our costumes!)
  6. Be sure to drink plenty of water! ( I am a water drinker, but I know many people who are not. I would recommend that you increase your water intake. By doing this you reduce the risk of cramping, water helps to maximize physical performance, and water also helps brain function and energy levels!)
  7. Plan hair and makeup ahead of time! (Don’t get caught the day of the show and have no clue what you want to look like! Pinterest can be a great help!)
  8. Remember your face while performing! (Remember instructor Olivia’s Tuesday Tip! If you missed it please check it out!)
  9. Pack for the show the night before! (This holds true especially if you are in more than one routine! It will save you a lot of headaches the day of!)
  10. Remember to tell friends and family to get to Tanner’s Early! (Seats fill up very quick! If want a good spot they need to be there early!)

Hopefully you find these tips helpful! Remember the Aerial Dance Motivation Facebook Page is a great place to find other tips from all the instructors at Aerial Dance!
Please remember that if you plan to get ready at Tanner’s before the show, you will need to bring your own mirror and the light quality is not that great for applying make up. So you may want to bring your own lights! Just a little reminder! MONDAY DECEMBER 4, is that last day that you are able to purchase a video of your routine! Also if you are in a routine that was choreographed by an instructor, please make that you thank them for all of their hard work!
The Christmas Show will be gone before you know it! Be sure to enjoy this time with your friends, but most of all have fun! Remember if you make a mistake, just shimmy and shake!

See you Saturday!