And missing Pole Class is never delightful!

But, in Wisconsin, sometimes the snow gets the best of us and we must stay home to be safe. Living over an hour away from Aerial Dance, this tends to happen quite a lot for me. Just because we can’t make it to the studio doesn’t mean we can’t still improve our pole skills. Here are a few things I do at home when I can’t make my pole class.
If you’re lucky enough to have a pole of your own – use it!!! I frequently take pictures of my skill cards at the studio so I can remember the poses and spins I’ve learned. When I can find a picture or video of them online I save them to a folder on my computer to refresh my memory when I forget what they look like. Better yet, when I’m decent at the move, I have someone take a picture of me. You can also do your pole conditioning on your pole at home – pole pumps, invert preps, elbow stands, cupid curls, lever crunches, closed grip knee tucks, turn curls, hook curls, etc.
For those who don’t own a pole yet, you’ve still got options! My first recommendation is to take a picture of the conditioning section on the back of your beginner skill card. There are several exercises your can do on a wall or while watching TV – clock, pelvic lifts, toe taps, wall slides, seated v leg lifts, wall pushups, reverse curls, etc. You can also mentally review your spins and poses. Taking notes after class with helpful tips and tricks the instructors share is immeasurably valuable as well. You can review your notes and pictures at home so you don’t have to waste time at your next practice staring at your phone or notebook.
Whether you own a pole or not, reviewing what you learn in Aerial Conditioning or Bendy Babe classes is always a good idea. If you haven’t taken any of these classes yet, I highly recommend them! They have drastically helped me progress in my pole journey! Another good place to look is the Aerial Member Facebook page. They have some phenomenal Tuesday Tips for flexibility, handstands, sore muscle relief, dead lifts and more. You can even request tips week to week if you have a specific area you need to work on.
Variation to your workout routine can also be good. I have several old workout DVDs from before I started at Aerial Dance. On occasion, I will break one out to remind myself how far I’ve come. Some things that used to make me want to die are now quite easy. Some workouts I used to dread are now enjoyable. Some yoga videos are easier to understand after talking with the instructors about correct positions and poses.
Regardless of what exercise you choose to do, don’t let bad weather slow your progress! Just because it keeps us in, we don’t need to be kept down! This is your body, your life, your journey – don’t let a snow storm keep you from reaching your dream.