I remember feeling really nervous on my first day of my first class because I didn’t know what to expect. I thought to myself, “what if I’m terrible and people are judgemental?” But when I left after the first day was finished, I left feeling really happy with my choice to join and I realized that no one is there to judge you; they’re there to encourage you. The way you make others feel, says a lot about your character! The instructors at Aerial Dance make you feel special every time you walk in the door. They have an overflow of compliments for everyone, and the instructors are really wonderful at remembering people’s names! There’s a lot of girls enrolled in the classes, so remembering people’s names can be hard to do. Especially Chrissy, she impressed me with how well she made it a point to make me feel important and I wasn’t just a random person in her class. The instructors are really patient, and they take their time introducing new moves so that no one is left behind. The instructors pay attention to the little details so that all the girls in the class feel very welcome, comfortable, important, and happy to walk through the door!