Over the years I have considered myself to be jack of all trades but master of none.  Constantly flipping from idea to idea, hobby to hobby, but nothing ever really seemed to fit me.  No matter what it was I always seemed to find myself bored and looking for the next thing I could check off my bucket list.  What good is that though if you aren’t able to complete one thing and just keep going from hobby to hobby but never being happy with yourself in one area? That is where I have always struggled.  I have always found myself looking for something I could be good at, but always getting discouraged and realizing it maybe isn’t my thing.  Giving up and finding something new was what I was good at.  That is until I stumbled into something called aerial dance. 

Aerial dance it seemed to give me exactly what I needed which was both a  mental and physical challenge.  I was seeking something that would make me push myself every day to do better, but I needed something also that would keep me thinking.  Balance that off with some calm music and an easy way to escape and find my peace and I was hooked.  There was something about it that just made me feel like I could finally be me.  I could finally express myself through dance and there was a group of wonderful people who had the same outlook as me which made it even better.  Always sharing a good laugh while motivating each other to consistently do better.  The fun part is you never have to stop learning or pushing yourself unless you want to. The mental and physical growth are endless once you set your mind to it.

Over the years of going from topic to topic and finding myself constantly unfulfilled and unhappy with my progress, I can finally say I have found the sport where I feel like I truly belong.   I feel like when I am here there is no judgement and I can focus on what I need.  There is such a great team of coaches that help meet your personalized needs, no matter what level you are on they will always make sure that you are comfortable and get to where you want to be at. I cannot even wait to see where I progress within a year’s time and be able to look back to where I once had started!