As a 53 year old woman pole dancing is one of those things I thought was way beyond my physical ability. It has become one of the most exciting adventures of my life and I’m so glad I stumbled upon it. Although pole dancing is a highly skilled sport, it is entirely attainable with hard work and dedication. The complexity of the poses, spins, and combinations make it something that never gets boring. You fall in love with it and soon it’s all you ever think about… getting that spin, pose, combination just right, feeling beautiful and being able to express yourself in dance.

The Aerial Dance community pushes you out of your comfort zone to set goals, personally and professionally, and challenges you to keep reaching for things you never thought you could accomplish. The instructors are highly trained professionals who take you through each level step-by-step and are friendly, funny, patient, and supportive. My pole sisters, no matter what our differences in the real world, are one in the same in the studio-women who love the art of aerial dance. Something I’m very proud of accomplishing is trying Hoop. I was totally intimidated by it when I did an Intro class, but I’m going to keep doing it and getting better. My pole sisters will cheer me on as I will them.

Aerial Dance really impressed me during Covid. I experienced first-hand how valuable my membership became. Aerial Dance went above and beyond to offer a huge variety of classes I could follow on Zoom. They were constantly connecting with us and giving us tips for good mental health. Furthermore, the studio was super clean before the pandemic and when the studio opened back up again I never worried about catching Covid.

I’m truly grateful for this place! Aerial Dance has made me stronger and so much braver than I was. I know I had the look of doubt on my face as a beginner and my intention was to only do it for 8 weeks (1 term). Somehow, I just couldn’t give it up. I ended up signing up for my first Annual show and it was one of the most amazing things I ever experienced. Can’t wait to grow and do more cool stuff.