Welcome back everyone!!!!! I’m so excited to be back in our beautiful studio, and sure you are as well. After two months away, I’m looking forward to seeing what my body can still do. And I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s a little nervous about it, too.
If you’re like me and without a pole at home, you might be even more nervous about it. But it’s important to remember how impressive our bodies are. Do you ever drive home from work, and when you get home realize that you didn’t even have to think about it? That’s called muscle memory. Repetition creates patterns in our brains so we can complete tasks without even being conscious of them. Think of the saying “it’s like riding a bike”.

A few years ago, I left my beloved Aerial Dance on a grand adventure living out of state. Money was tight and pole and aerial classes wasn’t an option for a long time. Not every studio is generous enough to offer payment plans and a sisterhood scholarship like ours. I returned a couple years later to teach at AD, and was AMAZED at what I could still do. Sure, climbing felt strange and foreign. My skin was no longer desensitized, and my stamina went down the drain. But my body still remembered how to move around the pole. It took some time, but it was surprisingly quick to gain all those skills back.
Think of this as beneficial to your aerial journey. Especially if you were previously feeling stuck, or plateaued. Maybe you “lost” your favorite move or that one trick you worked so hard on. But the feeling of gaining it back is just as euphoric as the first time you nailed it. Maybe you’re guilty of not training both sides. Now is the perfect time to DO THAT. It all feels weird at this point so why not balance it out. Just remember to take it easy on yourself. Both physically, and mentally.