Oh wow! I was so excited when I moved up to intermediate pole, knowing that I was going to be trying even more new and challenging things. Going from beginner to intermediate pole is exciting and challenging! We do a lot of conditioning to make sure that we can be strong enough to handle the tricks our instructors show us safely and I am grateful for it!

At first I thought maybe I was not ready to take the next step from one level to another, but after taking class I realized I was exactly where I needed to be. I want to be challenged and I want to be safe while building strength and stamina on the pole. I am excited to some day go into advanced class but for now I am so happy to have this community where I can work on my skills.

My advice for anyone going from beginner to intermediate would be to listen to your teachers!! They are there to guide you and they will let you know when you are ready, and everyone goes at their own pace, so don’t be scared and enjoy that you made progress!