With Mother’s Day around the corner, it really got me thinking how even though I don’t have any children of my own, I have all the students at the studio! I consider each one of them one of my kids! I know, I know, I sound crazy but it’s true! I see some of them everyday and even multiple times a day!! I also spend a lot of time holding them, putting them on my shoulders, and in multiple ways lifting them up in all the right ways. Which is so cool! We have lots of good belly laughs, girl time, and obviously talk about boys!! We sure do have an amazing bond at Aerial Dance!

When they are having bad days, I try and cheer them up in any way I can; usually some sarcasm and dad jokes do the trick 🙂 otherwise some kickass workouts to get the endorphins up! When they are having a bad pole or aerial day it makes my heart hurt because all I want is for them to succeed. There has been a handful of times where I get in my car and I ask myself how I can be better so that the students (aka kids) are successful and leave the studio feeling accomplished? I know it is out of my control, but it is kind of like the “mom guilt” that I have heard women mention. The feeling of not doing enough as an instructor, not using the right words to describe a move, or just not being the best cheerleader that day.  All I want some days is to just sprinkle confidence and happiness on each one of them to make their day better! Then there are the days where they are crushing everything at the studio and it is so amazing to watch all of them grow into badasses!  I still have old videos on my phone from some of the “kids” when they finally got a move or trick they had been working on, and I am so damn proud of them! Theres been so many times that I cry because I am so happy they succeeded! It truly makes my heart so happy getting those messages as well as when they reach out for other advice in life. I am happy to help in anyway I can with some of the life experiences I have been through. I am happy to help them grow because they have helped me grow in so many ways that they don’t even know! I am grateful to call each one my kid! So thank you kids for helping me be a different kind of mom on Mother’s Day!