Photoshoots at Aerial Dance are an absolute must! When was the last time you got professional photos done? Okay, now when was the last time you got professional photos of you doing that new trick you just learned and are so proud of? Professional photos are a fantastic way to document those tricks that you have worked so hard for, and at Aerial Dance there are plenty of opportunities to document them for a great price!

The first photo shoot I did with Aerial Dance was outside in the fall leaves. It was a free photo shoot for everyone and we all got 3 photos from this set. They are still some of my favorite photos! The leaves and the outfit I wore just went so well together. I even wore my new (at the time) snakeskin boots! Walking in those was nearly impossible outside so I had to be extremely careful. Thankfully, I have a bit of training in them thanks to me taking Aerial Dance heels classes every chance I got. I’m really happy to have gotten photos in them before they get scuffed up.

My second photo shoot I loved the photos so much I bought them all! I couldn’t resist as they were all so awesome. So beware if you don’t have a budget you might fall in love with them all and buy them all, but the price was still absolutely well worth it. I compiled all of my favorite moves ahead of time and had been practicing them so I would be all set and ready to rock and roll. Although it can be a bit to prepare for, I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity and the photos I’ll cherish forever.

So don’t wait to get in on those deals when you see them! There is no better time than now. Track that progress as it’s happening because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, so celebrate those victories as a journal of progression through photography. You’re so worth it, so don’t even try to talk yourself out of it because in the future you may regret not having those photos of all your achievements. I mean, how cool would it be if your grandma showed you pictures of her younger self doing all these crazy awesome things you’re doing? You’d probably feel really proud to call her your family member and love those pictures enough to get a copy to keep yourself.

Aerial Dance photoshoots are more than just a photoshoot, it is a reminder that you are talented, courageous and strong.