The best thing about pole class has to be the family and friends you make along the way. They’ve got your back in whatever circumstances you need. You have a lot hard things going on in your life, there’s a circle of girls to help you through it.

Last year, when my father passed away, I had a very hard time doing anything. I did take a few weeks away from pole class to gather myself and finally made my way back after about a month. When I got back, I could not hold back the tears. It seemed ridiculous to me how long it took me to be able to go out in public with out crying. I should be able to compose myself when I went on in public, or so I tried to convince myself.  I remember that first class back I could not hold back the tears. Some of the people already had known and they were there to offer their support and condolences. I got many hugs that day. I knew quickly that I was not going to being able to make it through class. The tears just kept coming and I felt no motivation at all. I left with about 20 minutes of class left, feeling so empty. I do remember everyone saying that they cared about me and will be thinking about me.

This is truly a sisterhood. No matter what you’re going through, you will have people there for you. Take your time to get through whatever you need to get through; but when you come out on the other side you have a whole group of instructors and students who will be there for you. It’s what you do for one another that matters most in this world. Remember, things like money and material items don’t make up your day-to-day life. It’s the lives around you. It’s the extra things you do and the people you meet along the way; people who could help you through your tough ordeals in life. Exercising and staying healthy is a wonderful way to keep your mind feeling at ease. But don’t forget to breathe and look at your surroundings. Make friends along the way. Look at what you are doing not just for yourself but for other people. Remember, a few kind words can save a life.