Pole dancing was never something I thought I would be good at. The stereotype is of course that you are a stripper and it’s more of a sexy dance routine than anything else. I was worried going in that I would be super awkward at it because I have horrible rhythm and laugh any time I try to be seductive.  The reality could not be farther from the truth. The amount of athleticism it takes to hold yourself up as you spin around is much more than one would think, and I don’t even do anything inverted yet! The classes are definitely not geared towards being sexy or something you would see in a strip club. They are about becoming stronger and getting in a good exercise just like any other gym. Sure, we open our legs in class more than you would at a stereotypical gym with lots of weights and equipment like that, but let me tell you, opening and lifting your legs while maintaining a pull-up makes sure that you are working nearly every muscle in your body. I’ve only been taking classes for a few months now but I can definitely tell that my body has changed.  

While my strength is still not able to hold me up for minutes at a time, I am able to do moves that I couldn’t when I first tried them.  My progress may be slower than others in the class, but I am still given the same level of support and enthusiasm as every single person that walks through those doors.  I am loving my journey and know that I have all the help I need to reach whatever goals that I my set for myself.  The sense of community that you feel from all the women is what really keeps you coming back day after day for more classes.  You could be doing something that you really love, but when surrounded by a toxic environment you would quickly want to leave. At the Aerial Dance studios I feel completely comfortable and not judged by anyone.  Being so comfortable has made me branch out and try things that I never would have considered doing in the past. Not only am I getting a fun workout, but I am also gaining a confidence that I thought I had lost years ago. Who knows how I will have changed after a year of classes, but I can say that I am so excited to see the person that I will become in that time.