Mental health is a huge part of the worlds population.  To alleviate these feelings some, meditate, do yoga, go to the gym, what ever they can do to calm their anxieties or depression.

As someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, it is amazing what pole exercise has done for my mental health! I usually shut down, and there were a few times I absolutely did not want to go to class. But, you know what? I showed up! As mentioned before, walking through those doors is magical! It is as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. All the anxieties and stress from a day’s work/daily stress in our lives are all left at the door. Someone is always saying hello, whether it another girl from class or an instructor. It makes me feel like I matter, and these women at Aerial Dance are so supportive and empowering.

   I think pole is sort of like a weekly distraction for me. It gets me out of my head. With having to concentrate on what I am doing, it keeps me focused, and it is the only thing that matters at that point and time.  It allows me to just think about how I can improve different climbs and positions. Plus, I really enjoy the company of the other girls and instructors in the class. No matter what has or is going on in my life, pole exercise is my therapy. (I even bought a t-shirt that says POLE DANCING IS MY THERAPY) It releases all the happy hormones such as Dopamine and Serotonin. It even continues after I get home, and helps me to relax and sleep better and stay asleep longer through out the night. 
   After the class there is always an e-mail the next day, regarding how you did in the class. Instructors point out what you were strong at for that night. That always makes me feel awesome! It is something that sticks with me for the rest of the night, and sometimes into the next morning. It is nice when you see other women lifting others up. Aerial Dance is its’ own little family, and they don’t leave anyone behind. Everyone cheers for everybody else, and wants you to succeed. Even other girls in the class will help you out and show you some tricks and tips on what helps them better do a climb or trick.  All the positivity I’ve gotten and seen from everyone here, just lifts my spirits, but also calms my anxiety. I am so happy to be apart of something that is positive and helps heal. It has made a huge impact on my mood and confidence, for that I will always be grateful.