For so many years I have struggled with mental health. Pole fitness was the start of a new era for me. It was a release unlike the usual gym workouts I had previously enjoyed. The difference? I think what really did it was the cool routines and tricks. The moment you go for your first invert and every second after. This is a beautiful thing. A journey that helps your mental health and always seems to brighten your day. No matter how hard life gets, you have to find the good moments. Pole was often where my good moments showed up. I appreciate the studio and staff for always being there and encouraging me to never give up and to make myself grow more every time I show up.

After each class I walk out feeling so accomplished and strong. I go into every class with the mind set “if I can get through this class I can get through anything.” I have taken the motivation, strength, and self confidence that I gained from Aerial Dance and instilled that in my day to day life, I notice pushing myself and accomplishing more every day and I owe that to the amazing women at Aerial Dance! The positivity these women instill in all of us is so empowering.