Amazing Opportunities

It is no surprise that our instructors are constantly training to be sure that they bring us the best! This past week, all of our instructors worked their tail off with Pole Artist Heidi Coker. I have been a fan of Heidi’s since the beginning my pole journey! The first time Heidi came to Aerial Dance I was too afraid to take any of her workshops. This time though, I refused to miss such an amazing opportunity! There was one spot left in Heidi’s handstand workshop, so I took it!

I was nervous as all get out. I couldn’t believe that I was finally going to meet Heidi Coker. Not only is she an amazing Pole Artist, she has a beautiful soul as well. Heidi has a way about her that melts all of your nervousness away. She is real and down to earth, so my nervousness didn’t stick around too long. I think my favorite thing about Heidi was that she truly wanted you to ask questions. It was more important to her that you actually learned and you weren’t just a body in her workshop.

Heidi’s Handstand Workshop

Handstand have always been a goal of mine. I worked on them hard for a year or so and then life got in the way. Heidi’s workshop was a great way to refocus myself on my handstand goals. What blew me away was that we didn’t use walls to work on our handstands. Rather we relied on each other with the guidance of Heidi to spot one another.

At the beginning of the workshop, I was sad that it was only an hour, but 15 minutes in my shoulders were on fire! One of the biggest “take aways” from the workshop was really familiarizing your brain to where your body is in space. Your body has a really hard time doing something if you mind hasn’t conceptualized it yet. I like the saying, “Your body can’t go where your mind has never been.” We hear our instructors tell us all the time! BUILD THAT MUSCLE MEMORY! That is exactly what Heidi was doing. She was building our muscle memory for handstands so that some day we may master them without having to throw ourselves into one and hope that we hold for a second or two.

I wish I had signed up for more of Heidi’s workshops as she is an amazing teacher. Not only is she an amazing pole artist, but she is hilarious! Her demonstrations and teaching techniques were so relatable for anyone at any part in their journey. I understand if you decided to sit Heidi’s workshops out this time. Totally get it! But next time, GO FOR IT! You won’t be sorry!

As Heidi always says, “Be Fearless in Finding Yourself!”

Another Word of Advice

Take advantage of the amazing opportunities that Aerial Dance provides! We are so lucky that our studio not only runs multiple classes at various times of day throughout the week, but they listen to their students! They hear us talk about what we want from our studio. They provide us with MANY workshops, seminars (usually free of charge), a voice in book choice for book club, and opportunities to preform for free!

I could go on and on about the ways Aerial Dance is trying to support all of our needs as students. So I will make it simple.


Until Next Time,