Inverts have been very helpful in many ways. The core strength you gain is amazing. When you first start Pole, I feel like the biggest goal is to get to your first invert. Walking through other classes you can see other people do many different types of inverts. It is very daunting, to say the least. Definitely something that you feel like is going to be the hardest thing you do. It most certainly is not. With a little guidance from your instructor, inverts are quite feasible. Once you understand what you need to do, the rest comes pretty easily. Your body is stronger than you realize.

With inverts, I feel like it’s less about strength and more about muscle memory figuring out where you need to be and working towards the actual end goal of being able to invert without any assistance. What seems to be the tricky part is just turning everything upside down. When your instructor says move this way or move that way when you’re upside down everything just kind of seems impossible. But, like I said, with guidance from your instructor, you will be just fine. After a few weeks of practice, the inverts tend to come pretty naturally. Once you learn your basic inverts and are cleared, you can keep practicing at it working on going up nice and slow to work that core. It becomes like muscle memory. The thing about inverts is that they give you such a good feeling inside. I don’t know if it’s the feeling of your core getting worked, or the pride and being able to do something that many people cannot do. Its probably both! Either way I am happy to say that I am cleared on several inverts with the help of my instructors. Don’t give up.

 Some inverts are much tougher than others. With basic inverts like batand serpent, it may only takes you a couple tries before you can get it. But with other inverts like prone, it can take a lot longer. It really just depends on you and where you’re at. That’s another thing about Pole, everyone is different and you can’t feel bad about not getting something that someone else gets. Some people can just handle moves that others can not.  Strength comes to everyone differently. Some things just come super naturally to others, whereas other things will come naturally to you or you have to work hard. Either way, it’s something to be proud of when you clear it.