Small Business That Is!

It is that time of year that people begin to shop for holiday gifts. If you are one of the select few who start in July…. kudos to you for having a leg up on the game! I am not one of those people, shopping for Christmas gifts has not even crossed my mind. Yikes!
The one thing that has crossed my mind though, is how I can share my love of the aerial arts with others in my life this holiday season. I already have a request from two of my nieces of what they would like for Christmas. Can you guess what it is? It is more aerial lessons! This fall, I bought a three pack of private lessons for my nieces. We will be having our last lesson very soon. It is no surprise they too have fallen in love with the aerial arts. Their asking for more lessons got me thinking! If my nieces what more lessons at the studio! Maybe other women have people in their lives who would love to experience the studio too!
Aerial Dance is a small business that benefits not only from the power of positive words, but benefits from current members sharing their joy with others to grow our community. It is hard to run a small local business these days when big businesses are one click away. I too love the ease of shopping online, but I want you to think about where you spend your money and how it benefits you!

How Can Sharing the Love of Aerial Dance Benefit You?

This post is not some ploy to get you to spend more money at Aerial Dance. To be honest with you, buying a gift from Aerial Dance isn’t something I had even thought of until my nieces brought it up. Like I said before, I am not trying to get you to spend more money, but I would like for you to think about how investing in our studio is an investment in yourself. This post is to share with you the ways your support of Aerial Dance has a positive effect on you. By purchasing a gift card, a workshop, classes, or even membership for another, you are sharing the love of pole and all aerial arts. You are investing time and money into place that invest so much of each in return to everyone of it instructors and students.
By supporting our studio, we not only have seen the creation and birth of a brand new studio. It also provides students with more opportunities. The support provided by students to our studio is what enables it to continue to do all of the extra activities that we know and love. We are able to continue to have member play days, workshops featuring special guests, the Christmas Show, and even hosting pole compositions closer to home! All of these wonderful experiences are not without cost. Cost is not always associated with money, but time.
The instructors at our studio spend countless hours of their free time preparing curriculum, workshops, Bazaar After Dark, CHRISTMAS SHOW ROUTINES, and many other things that happen behind the scenes, that we may not know about. As you move forward with your holiday shopping this year, I would like for you to keep the studio in mind. You may find that it has the perfect gift for someone in your life. Maybe your gift will embark them on their very own aerial journey! You could be giving them the key to unlock their own strength and beauty!
Until Next Time,