Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit can be!

Last week we talked a bit about where to look for some awesome pole moves, spins and tricks for your routines. This week, we’re gonna talk retail therapy!
Let’s talk dance specific first. When I asked my instructor where to go for Student Showcase polewear, she said Discount Dance is the place to go. Another student referred me to Dance Wear Solutions. A third one I found when I searched “Dance Tops” was Move Dance Wear. All three of these sites have very a very nice selection of dance outfits. Some with matching tops and bottoms which is superb! The two major downfalls I had with them were the inability to try them on and the price. If you budget for two or three shows or competitions a year and have saved up for a dance costume, these are great options. If you decided last minute to do a show, or are tight on funds, these may not be ideal for you. Also, if you don’t have a ton of time to return and exchange should the size not be correct, I don’t recommend shopping online.
Now let’s explore pole specific. Mika, Bad Kitty, Dragonfly, Diamond Pole Wear and Pole Active are all great sites to get pole specific shorts and tops. I have a Mika wish list a mile long! Diamond Pole Wear has a unique line with grippy fabric sewn in to help you have more grip points. While all of these are phenomenal sites, They have the same problems as the dance specific sites – I can’t try them on before buying and they have a hefty price tag. They take a decent amount of lead time for budgeting and shipping in case of returns.
Let’s check out some other online places to go. They still have the problem of not being able to try them on but are more affordable. Amazon is usually my number one go to option. With Prime, I can get stuff in two days so if I try it on and it doesn’t fit, I just need a few more days before the show to get my size at my house. BooHoo and Zulily are hit and miss. I have never personally made a purchase off either of these sites but I’ve been told, by my friends who have ordered, that they both have good clothes. I did search them for tank tops and crop tops to go with my pole shorts but ended up purchasing elsewhere.
Ultimately Patrice and I ended up going local online. We really wanted to spend a day at the mall looking around together but time and schedules were not on our side. After two hours looking online together over facebook messenger we finally settled on tops we found through Kohls. We did look at the Target, Buckle, Arie, Macy’s and JcPenney websites but nothing peaked our interest enough to go to the store to try it on. The tops were within our price range and are easy to exchange if we need another size. I like the idea of supporting a Wisconsin business as well.
In the spirit of buying local, our shorts are from Aerial Dance. Don’t forget that Aerial now has Scrunchy Butt shorts if you’re looking for a little more pizazz for your outfit. If you need a top to go with your ADPE shorts, don’t forget to ask your instructor for good ideas. They’ve been around the block buying pole wear for shows and competitions so they know their stuff!
Have fun shopping!