I remember as a child being so eager to learn, grow, fly… It was as if nothing would hold me back, and I did not care who thought what. A few months ago, I began to grow tired of my own thoughts piercing through my wings, hindering my flight. I was disappointed in not allowing myself to be free. So, what did I do?

Well, just as every college-aged newcoming adult does. Found a local aerial gym of course. 

I had remembered doing aerial exercise for a short time at a different location in my hometown, and for the first time I felt a childish joy flying free, all while helping my mind and body grow stronger. I have always been one to allow new experiences and opportunities to flow into my life, and once my close friend mentioned she was bored of exercise and wanted to try something out of the box that would better her and I, I immediately took to Google. 

Nervously heading into the studio, we attended our very first “Intro to Aerial” class, instructed by Olivia herself. I thought it was quite ironic to have the same name as the instructor. As a spiritual person, I often acknowledge signs from the universe that make me feel as though I was meant to do something like this, and I just knew. 

Nothing like hanging on a (seemingly high-at-the-time) lyra to push me out of my comfort zone! However, small steps towards progress matter. I knew in my heart that I was brought here to progress, learn, and thrive as I have in life before this pandemic took over and made me too comfortable staying at home, or too afraid to go out and try new things. 

We all grow. We learn. And… we fly, once we are ready. I believe I am already making progress towards these goals by being a now committed member to Aerial Dance. I am thankful for the opportunities like these, that come my way and push me to grow as a person in mind, body, and spirit, making new connections and enhancing my life.