Hey, Hey, Hey, Fellow Polers!
In my blog this week, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the lovely Instructor in Training Laura! Many of you may have seen her at the studio or have even taken classes with her! If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her yet, she is a very happy individual who can always bring a smile to your face!
Laura began her journey at Aerial Dance like many of us. She was looking for something different and unique, than a regular ole gym. She has friends from Arizona and Minnesota who compete nationally in pole. Laura considered herself a “Gym Rat” and wanted to change things up. Her friends talked her into taking classes and fell in love with all that Aerial Dance has to offer. Laura has been with Aerial Dance for a little more than a year now.
After having surgery last year, which she fully recovered from, Laura made the decision that she wanted to become an instructor to help women much like herself overcome their struggles and break down barriers that prevent them from reaching their goals. To become licensed fitness instructor Laura had to complete an online certification. This certification was a breeze for her as in college she studied kinesiology and biology, before switching her major. Laura also had some fitness training through high school and college sports.
Laura attended college at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, and finished up her degree in Criminal Justice at Marion University. Like other instructors in training Laura needs to take an Aerial Certification outside of Aerial Dance LLC. She is interested in earning a certification in Hoop! This is great for all you Aerial Artists who already are in love it Hoop. I’m sure she will have some great new idea to share after completing her certification!
Like many of us at Aerial Dance Instructor in Training Laura has fitness goal!!!!! This is one of the things that I love the most about Aerial Dance! The instructors all have personal goals to help drive them to be their best, which reflects on their students to help push them to meet their goals.
Some of Laura’s personal fitness goals are to run a full marathon this summer and to try a triathlon. Her current Pole goals are to compete someday, she hopes this will happen before she turns thirty. She also is working on her Handspring (I just started practicing handspring jumps…… I really need to establish the correct muscle memory).¬†Laura hates being told she can’t do something, it drives her to push herself to become faster, stronger, and at the end of the day it is about progress.
Laura’s top three fitness things to work on:

  1. Core strength – Not only focusing on crunches, but working on toe touches and hallow holds to be sure that you are tucking your pelvis.
  2. Lifting weights – Laura knows that most women do not want to build a whole bunch of muscle and would rather just tone up what they have. As we all know having a strong upper body is key to being successful in the Aerial Arts.
  3. Moving in General! Doing anything other than sitting around! SO GET UP AND MOVE!


Instructor in Training Laura demonstrating how to do lateral raise! Working on that shoulder strength!

Laura is extremely proud to be part of the incredible atmosphere that Aerial Dance has created. She explained that now a days there are some gyms and other places that you go where women just hate and degrade each other. At Aerial Dance this cattiness is brought down to a minimum, the women who attend Aerial Dance are all there for the same reason. To focus on their personal journey, rather than to cut someone down. You can open up and share with a fellow student or instructor and they truly care about you. Their not going to take that information and talk about you behind your back. Aerial Dance is a truly amazing place for all women.
I am so excited that Laura has decided to become an instructor! I have taken several classes with her before she started on her new journey. I always enjoyed having her in my class as she was always willing to demonstrate a move, take a picture, or just make you laugh. We are so lucky to have her as a future instructor!