Hello Everyone.
These past weeks have really been trying for me mentally and emotionally. There have been times where I just want to throw in the towel and let my troubles win. Crawl back in bed and hide from the day. I am sure that I am not the only person who has felt this way, some of you reading this may even be feeling that way right now. You must be thinking, “Okay, so what? Everyone has bad days or weeks, what are you going to do about?
Well here is what I remember. I remember that I have an incredible support group at Aerial Dance. The extends of this support group go beyond the instructors at Aerial Dance and reaches out into the women you take class with. Whether you realize this or not, it does, once you need it, it will be there for you.
Each women who attends class at Aerial Dance has a past with their own battle scares or are still nursing some wounds. Each woman can make a connection to a time when they have felt the way that you may be feeling in that exact moment. These magnificent women reach out their hearts to you, offer words of comfort, a listening ear, or just a hug for when their are no words to be said. It is truly a blessing to be surrounded by so many encouraging women who do not judge based on size, shape, or level ability, they just care about you. Even women you may not know very well can notice when something is a little off with you and ask if you are alright. They ask not, because they are nosey, but because they care. This support and out pouring love has been what has kept me positive when it is so easy to be negative. Granted there are times that I do let negativity win and then I know that I need to make a trip to Aerial Dance to help shape up my mood and outlook.
This is why Aerial Dance goes beyond your average gym, yoga studio, or dance studio. They build a community of strong women inside and out. They help you realize your potential as a dancer as well as a person. You learn a lot about yourself while traveling along you pole journey at Aerial Dance. If you are reading this blog and have never taken a class at Aerial Dance I high recommend you do. It may just change your world like it has changed mine.
This Thanksgiving, I am very thankful for all the instructors, students, and Aerial Dance’s Owner Paula. Without them at this time in my life I would be unraveling at the seams. So next time you are at Aerial Dance take the time to notice the wonderful community of strong women you surround yourself with. I know that I am ever so grateful
I hope that everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!