Ladies, we are spoiled!! I think a lot of us take for granted how lucky we are to have Aerial Dance in our lives. They do so much to make sure we have a safe and inviting place to come and workout, socialize, and just plain have fun.

First off, the amount of work that our instructors put in each week. For most of them this is a part time job. They make it so much more than that. They train for hours each week, and they put their heart and soul into writing classes for us. They are constantly learning new tricks and bringing in outside help. Since I’ve been coming to Aerial Dance (roughly 6 years) the knowledge has grown so much. Aside from learning new tricks, they also learn new ways to help us build strength and flexibility. Take the next opportunity you have to let your instructors know how much they are appreciated (we all love you!).

Second thing that we are spoiled with are the amount of extra classes we are given the opportunity to take. There are so many amazing and unique workshops! It was just Valentines Day and the workshops for that all sounded so amazing and fun! If you haven’t noticed when the instructors have a guest teacher come in to teach them, we almost always have a chance to take classes with these people! Now I don’t know how other studios do things, but this doesn’t sound like something most places would offer. So next time you see one of these in the class options, take it! I’ve regretted missing opportunities to learn things from these workshops!

We have a book club and a lending library! These are even more opportunities to learn new things and to socialize and get to know your fellow aerialists. I’m not into doing competitions personally but we have a competition team! If you’ve ever thought about competing definitely look into this. We have a sisterhood fund. It’s a program paid for by other students (or people who donate at events) and these funds are used solely to help students who are struggling so they don’t lose their memberships.

I doubt that I’ve even scratched the surface of everything we are offered. I’m positive I speak for all of us when I say thank you to everyone at Aerial Dance. We appreciate you, and everything you do!

Learn more about Aerial Dance’s Book Club and Sisterhood Scholarship!
If you are interested in Aerial Dance’s competition team, email us at info@aerialdancepoleexercise.com!