Well it has been a week. I was planning to make it back for a pole class by now but the universe has had other plans for me. About 2 weeks ago I somehow managed to give myself a pretty severe case of whiplash, and I still don’t know how. All I did was turn my head to grab my cup, and I heard a loud snap and felt instant pain. I went to the chiropractor for an adjustment, and the massage therapist for a focused massage with no significant relief. Fast forward a week and I am still experiencing some pain with movement of my neck, but it has gotten a little bit better.

Every time I turn around here lately something happens that brings me right back down from picking myself back up. I had every intention of being able to at the very least participate in an online class. However the universe apparently has different plans for me at this moment in time. A couple weeks ago now my back was bothering me so much I could hardly walk without pain or discomfort so I finally went in to see a doctor. At this point the x-rays show moderate degenerative changes and narrowing of the spine for sure. The doctor is also suspicious of a slipped disc that may be pinching a nerve so there isn’t much I can do, so my plans to return to Pole classes have yet again been put on hold.

The weather amongst many other things in my life have prevented me from making it back in to the studio for a class. However, that does not mean that pole has not been an inspiration to me. I go on to the all inclusive members Facebook page regularly and I read up on the posts there, and watch videos whenever they are posted. This allows me to still feel connected to pole even when I can’t make it in to the studio for classes. I keep telling myself that at the very least I should go do some of the online studio workouts until I can make it back into the gym, but then I always come up with excuses.

Today is the day I decided there can be no more excuses. I will do something at least once a week to be involved with the studio until I can physically be in class again. I am super excited to get all signed up for the next session of pole classes. I am not giving up. I check out the Facebook page for all inclusive member posts daily for the motivation to keep pushing forward in hopes to get back into a pole class sooner rather than later. It will happen as soon as I get the clear to get back into the gym.