Student Niki back in 2012 at her first photoshoot!

I will admit, I’m a photo fanatic.  I love taking them and I love being in them to have memories to look at later.  Through pole and aerial, I’ve also learned that I love having photos to capture my progress and see my myself from a different perspective, to track my progress, and to inspire myself.  

As both a student and an instructor, I have heard too many times to count, other women saying they don’t think they should do a photo shoot because it’s “too soon”, or “I don’t know enough”, or “I will after…” insert the lose weight, get stronger, look a certain way comment.  My advice to you is, DON’T WAIT!  Yes, pleas do a photoshoot when you do reach that goal, but do it NOW too!  

I did my first photoshoot through Aerial Dance after only four weeks of beginner pole.  Yes, you read that correctly, four weeks.  I am so grateful that I chose to do this.  Not only do I have photos from my very start of pole, I also have photos that I really love.  Since that photoshoot, I have always tried to have a photo doing a fireman and a back hook.  Not only can I compare those photos to my very first ones, but they also photograph beautifully, they make me happy, and they make me feel good when I see the photos.  

I believe that participating in my very first photoshoot not only left me with photos and memories, it also gave me a new sense of confidence that I didn’t expect, but am so happy to have gained.  So, if you are brand new to pole and aerial, or if you’ve been doing this for a long time, give yourself this gift and participate in the photoshoot, you will thank yourself! 

Lover from 2015
Lover from 2019