Time to build your endurance for the Christmas Show!

Wasn’t routine week so much fun?!?! Or should I more accurately say – wasn’t routine week humbling and exhausting and boy do I need to get my endurance up for the Christmas show?!?! I personally love routine week. It’s a modest reminder that we need to be more than one trick ponies. And it always makes me think of the Christmas Show and how exhausting it is to perform for a three-minute routine.

Since we are all pushing our bodies to the max right now to prepare for the Christmas Show, it always good to mix in other classes to prevent overuse injuries. I highly recommend taking classes like Vertical Barre and Dance Cardio right now. They are fun! And will take your mind off the stress of the show. By taking a little break from pole, you will return to it more excited and energized after mixing it up. And these classes will increase your endurance, which is what we could all use a little extra of. So take a break, and go sweat it up in a cardio class ????