With limited time and money, is pole really worth the expense and commitment?

We all have lives. And sometimes, the busyness of life causes us to question, “Is this really worth my time?” We all have bills. Sometimes things happen in life that cause us to ask ourselves, “Can I really afford this? Is it worth the extra money?”
I’ve mentioned before that I have over an hour drive (in good weather) from my house to the pole studio. This adds expense for gas as well as time. An hour class at the studio isn’t just an hour and fifteen minutes of my time – it’s over 3 hours! It’s also, an average, of an added $10-$12 in gas. Committing to a membership is $138 a month with the expectation of at least one class and one practice a week.
When I first got my membership, I did the math and figured I could make each class cost me about $10 each if I took 4 or 5 one night a week. What I usually did was take 3 classes on Monday or Wednesday night, stay with some friends and then take 2 Tuesday or Thursday morning. This made the trip super worth it and my classes more affordable. I was also making Tons of progress fast because I could do 5 classes a week. If we went to visit Luke’s folks for the weekend, I’d squeeze in another class or two on Sunday on our way home.
Add Baby… living life means change. Good and bad. I could not be more ecstatic to have my baby girl in my life. But, it did mean giving up some things. I’m not able to stay overnight with friends one night a week anymore because she (and her daddy) need me at home. Doing 4 or 5 classes in one night gets me home way too crazy late. Two nights a week doesn’t work because of all the added gas cost and added time away from my daughter.
“Is it worth it?”
Wisconsin winters are cruel and harsh. I have Monday night designated as Pole Night but for some reason, the weather has Monday night designated as Blizzard Night this year. A few times it worked in our schedule to switch to Wednesday night but in January I missed two full weeks of pole just due to weather.
“Is it worth it?”
Cold and flu season is upon us and, not matter how much you disinfect, once one member of your household gets it, the rest of you are doomed! First Luke, then Charis, then me. One week at a time. Luke took sick on our way to Appleton for a make up class I missed due to weather. We were over halfway, had to pull over, then turn back. Charis was next. Mama can’t leave Baby when she’s sick and miserable and snugly. She just needs her Mama. I couldn’t take 6 hours away from her when she needed constant help just to breathe decent and Luke was still recovering. That left me next. Yep. No pole that week either. Two and a half weeks no pole.
“Is it worth it?”
Total classes I took in January: 3.5
Total time away from home: 8
Total spent in gas and membership: $158
“Is it worth it?”
Pole is worth every minute and every penny! And every tear… I cried myself to sleep 5 times last month because I thought I would have to cancel my membership. I was one number away from dialing the studio to tell them I had to quit. But, my dear husband asked me, “What is it worth to you?”
Next time you’re at the studio, take a look at some of the things written on the Pole Love Posters. These are just a handful of the hundreds of reasons your pole sisters make the time, effort and room in their budget to be members.
– Makes me feel sexy
– A place to be myself
– Helps me get strong and lose weight
– Encouraging and supporting family
– Ability to make fitness fun
– Variety of classes and workshops
– Opportunity to try new things
Aerial Dance is SO worth it! I’m so blessed to be a part of this amazing sisterhood!