​My first class at Aerial Dance was Intro to Pole. During that class, I literally fell in love with pole! Mainly because I had such a great time with the instructor who was teaching the class. She was fun, sassy, and seemed to know her sh*t! It made me feel very encouraged and even a bit competitive.

​When you feel encouraged, you just don’t give up – you keep going back for more! I instantly signed up for pole and then eventually moved on to the Elite program so that I could join any class I felt like. After spending time with the other instructors, I really appreciated each and every one of them. They all have their own way to show that they care about your safety, they each encourage you a little differently, and they each have their own style of teaching – you will find which way you like to do things sooner than later in these classes!

​I mentioned the feeling of competitive, this is something that I actually enjoy feeling when I am working out or doing something physical because it keeps my mind in the game as well. It makes me want to continuously improve what I am doing and get into better shape, mentally and physically, so that I can continue to do more!

Being in the Elite program, I see a bunch of people practicing who are further along in their classes than I am, and I just wish I could do their moves, too! In order to get to that point, I have to show up to class each time, schedule my practices, and ask for help where it’s needed! Follow your instructors tips, because they are there for you when you need them, they only want to see you succeed!

I am very close to where I THOUGHT I wanted to be in my pole classes, but I keep going to my classes and learning even more! I am starting to impress myself entirely. Every new class I learn something that seems just crazy, but then I practice and trust my body that I can do it. Sure enough, I conquer that move, and on to the next!

The instructors are more than “instructors” they are great teachers and such a supportive team of cheerleaders! I am very happy with my experience, and of course, very happy to be a part of the team and cheerleaders that are in this facility!

Kick start your pole journey! Try our one-time, trial class Intro to Pole!