Hello, hello! Training has been going nonstop it feels like. I open up my calendar app to see which studio I’ll be training at this weekend and which class or apparatus we’ll be training and learning about this time. On top of also attending my term pole classes, attending fitness classes, and attending hoop, hammock or silks if they fit into my schedule. With all of our training though, we’re starting to reach the end of it. Not quite yet, but we’ve covered almost everything and before I know it, I won’t be registering for the next pole term anymore. It kind of makes me sad to think about. 

We’re learning so much, and doing observation and co-teaches, while trying to still be a student as well. I realized at the end of last term though, that I wasn’t going to be signing up for the next pole term anymore. It’s kind of bittersweet. I’ve basically been with the same group of gals over the last few years. I want to say it was around advanced 1 or advanced 2 that I was starting to be with a consistent group of women in class. We’d ask each other what day we were signing up for each term, we all had our “unassigned assigned” poles that we stuck to each class or ask each other if we knew where someone was if they didn’t show up that night. We all consistently advanced together to the next level of pole. 

I know I’m not really leaving them, and I’ll still see them around the studio! It’s not like I’m leaving or moving! I’m just transitioning from being a student to being an instructor. It’s not like we’re not allowed to attend other peoples classes, we’re still allowed to drop into a class if there’s an opening available. It’s just a reflection I had recently, that I’m not really just a student anymore. I’m an instructor in training and soon to be just an instructor. It’s a weird thing to think about sometimes. I’m still happy with my choice to become an instructor, but I’m going to keep utilizing my time to be a student as much as I can. No matter the class I’m taking or teaching, being at the studio just makes me happy.