Hello lovelies, I hope you all have been training hard and trying new things! We’re starting to come to an end to our instructor training and it’s crazy to think how fast it has gone! It feels like yesterday that we started our journey and were going through the beginner pole card with Paula. We’ve now covered every apparatus that we offer, pole, hoop, hammock and silks, plus all of our fitness classes; vertical barre, fitness fundamentals, dance cardio, hammock fit, aerial yoga and bendy babe. We’ve covered the beginner levels for each of the apparati and are going to start the intermediate levels shortly, which is wild to think about! I still consider myself a beginner in all the things besides pole if I’m being honest, but that’s not a bad thing either. 

I’m still learning along with the rest of you, and some days I really feel like a beginner in some of my classes that I’ve taught. I’ve been given all the tools to be able to write a class and execute it, but it all comes down to me being able to teach it. Which is why I’m so grateful of how the instructor process works nowadays! Having to do some observations and then a minimum of two co-teaches for each class. There was a Fit Fun class that I co-taught this week, and I had my whole workout planned, read over the plan sheet, thought I had good exercises, I was ready! Then when we got done with the first circuit, I realized we went through it all so fast. I was so confused! I read my class layout again with the help of my co-instructor and realized I interpreted the layout sort of wrong? The class still flowed and everyone still got a good workout in, I just needed to read the plan layout more carefully. Everyone in class was so nice about it, and it’s something I’ll laugh about later. 

I kept telling myself that I felt more confident leading the fitness type classes because I have more experience in them, but I’m still a beginner in those classes too! I’m still finding my voice, finding my flow and getting comfortable being in front of the classes. But I have to say, all the women at Aerial Dance make it a lot easier than I thought because you all are so supportive as well! I’ll probably mess up in the future again, but no one’s perfect. There were times when I was a student and an instructor forgot something like a move name, a piece of equipment or some other random thing, and I didn’t think anything of it, because it makes us human. So I’m going to keep trying my best and I look forward to having you all in my classes!