Hello friends! I am back again with another instructor-in-training log and while we’ve been working hard learning how to teach classes in the studio, we’ve also been working hard outside the studio studying. Not just studying the class level cards and how to teach moves or learn about different workouts for example, we’re also studying how to be group fitness instructors. I feel like I’m back in college or high school honestly and it’s been a very humbling experience for me. I’m going to be honest with you all, I was not the best student in college, I studied, I procrastinated a lot, I was an average student I’d say, but learning how to study independently was a thing I struggled with a lot. So now that I’m back in that type of setting in a sense, but now it’s even more independent, I’ve been working on my determination and focus quite a bit. 

I’ve been a procrastinator basically since my early high school days. I’m not gonna lie, teachers or professors telling me I have a month to work on an essay or project? You bet your sweet little bippy I’m working on that essay the day it’s due and turning it in at 11:55pm when it’s due at 11:59pm. But with this certification that we have to get, that sort of attitude and mentality is not a practical mindset and something that physically cannot be put off until the last minute. I’ve slowly been working my way through the chapters and trying not to compare myself to the other instructors in training who are ahead of me, because I know we all learn at different paces and capacities. But also, I know I have a deadline that I have to meet as well if I want to be able to teach classes independently eventually. 

Since being an instructor is something I know that I want within my heart of hearts, I know I’ll eventually get through the studying, the textbook and final exam. I also have to give myself some grace because I have a full time job on top of this, I’m at the studio multiple days a week and have instructor training as well. I’m also trying to do all the studying within a month and half, when the program recommends about 4-6 months to study. Plus I need some free time so I don’t burn myself out or get sick. It’s been a balancing act for sure, and I know I can do this, and it’ll all pay off, because in the end it’s not only for my benefit but also everyone else’s benefit too. So even though some chapters are super boring or super challenging, I know that in the end, all this studying is going to be worth it. Maybe I’ll make a little graduation cap when I finish so I can commemorate all the hard work! Haha! Until next time friends!