I’ve been co-teaching for a few weeks now and it’s been fun! A little stressful but it’s also been a huge learning moment for me as well. My co-teachers have been super supportive and all have given great feedback on what I need to improve on and continue working on for the next classes. The thing is with teaching is that you can prepare as much as you want but you never know what you’re going to get in class. Teaching to a class of 3-4 students is very different compared to teaching a full class of 8 students in beginner pole. 

It’s been nice since starting my co-teaches to gradually add on to what I teach each week to feel more comfortable being in front of the class and getting more comfortable explaining how to do a move. It’s gradually gotten easier to be up front and teach, which has been nice to reflect on each week. When I first started, I taught only a few moves. I was so nervous, tripping over some of my words but the women were so nice and patient with me. Also my co-teacher was able to help me out when I truly was at a loss for words. 

Something I truly wasn’t prepared for, and no one can really prepare you for, is when you have a full class. There’s so much more you have to pay attention to or at least try to! You want to give everyone the same amount of attention or you want to see how everyone does when trying a move but it’s almost impossible when you’re a new instructor. You’re trying to make sure you’re doing the move right, then you’re trying to watch everyone in the mirror; when you’re not used to that fully yet, maybe try to make a correction if you see it. It’s a skill that definitely needs to be honed after teaching for a while!

Now I’m not saying all of this to complain or worry others by any means! It has also been a lot of fun having the different size classes and getting to know all the women that signed up for beginner pole! It has also gotten easier as the weeks go on and I’m getting more comfortable becoming an instructor. I’m still going to trip up on my words but what experienced instructor doesn’t do that from time to time? It’s just as fun to have a small class as it is to have a full class because every class is different and there’s so many different personalities that make it so fun! It’s all about learning how to instruct in any environment and adjust as needed. It’s a fun challenge each and every class.