Well friends, it’s the final blog of my instructor training logs! I hope you’ve all enjoyed this journey with me as I reflected on the whole training process. While I could get cheesy and say something along the lines of I’ll never stop learning, and will always be a student at heart, there’s a piece of that that is true. This is going to be a continuous process of learning and growing with the other instructors in my training class and with the experienced instructors too. This has been the start of such a fun journey and I can’t wait to grow as an instructor with Aerial Dance. 

The process has been fun to document along the way too. I’ve been able to try so many new things in the process of learning how to be an instructor. It’s been so interesting to get a deeper insight into each apparatus, to not only learn the moves, but learn how to teach the moves. Seeing as how I was basically still a beginner in a lot of the classes and am now one of the people that is able to teach you in those beginner classes is so cool to me! Am I going to mess up sometimes? Probably. But through my learning and talking with the other, and more experienced instructors, it takes time. With any project, apparatus or skill you want to accomplish or get better at, it takes time and practice. 

When I was asked if I wanted to become an instructor, I was in complete shock. Why would they want me? I’d only been a pole student at the time for the last 4 to 5 years. To be an instructor you have to have experience in all the classes that are offered. When I went to my interview and asked them “why me?”, they told me it was because they believed I could become a good instructor and that I could pick up on the other classes with time. I accepted knowing that I would need to put in more work then some of the others offered an instructor role because they had experience in the other classes. Accepting the role of being an instructor has been one of the happiest decisions I’ve made! The months of training, the extra hours, the extra classes, have all been worth it! I can’t wait to look back and see how far I’ll have come, I can’t wait to grow with each and every one of you! <3

Thank you to every instructor who taught our training group and thank you Paula for bringing us onto the team! <3