Hello friends! Training has been going well, still practicing anything and everything and studying anytime I’m not at the studio or at work. It’s crazy to think that it’ll be almost 3 months since we started our instructor journey from when I’m writing this. We’ve covered so many things in that time, and while the majority of it was focused on pole, we’ve recently started diving into the other apparuti and types of classes. The most recent one being hoop and I’d say our group was pretty split 50/50 when it came to experience with hoop. Some are definitely more experienced and in the advanced levels, but there were a few of us, myself included, who are still in the beginner levels and not as experienced. 

We spent about 3 hours going over the entire beginner card and at first I was pretty excited since there were things on there that I hadn’t done yet in any of my beginner hoop classes! We started from the very top of the card and worked our way down each column until we got to the very end. By the end though, all of our hands were so sore and tired. 3 hours of hoop is a long time! My hands were so sore and red and it definitely took a couple days for them to get back to normal. The callous buildup from that night is something I’m still recovering from haha! There were a lot of laughs, tips and tricks too on how to cue each move, which was incredibly helpful as I wrote my notes for each move. It’s insane how much there is to remember!

So to my girlies who would love to just know everything and want to speed run a beginner class and learn everything on the card, be patient! I promise you that while it may seem like a cool idea, be glad that the way classes are shaped now are for your benefit and for the protection of your hands! XD Just like myself and all the other instructors, we still have to practice these things to get better at them. I know it’ll be a hot minute until I have everything memorized on the cards too but thankfully there are plenty of resources around the studio to help a girl out!