“That’s What She Said”

This past month, I celebrated my three year anniversary with Aerial Dance. These three past years have changed my life in the most positive ways. Over the weekend, I went on a bachelorette party with a bunch of women I knew, but I wouldn’t call many of them my close friends. The cabin we stayed in had a hot tub on the patio! You betcha! I basically lived in the thing!!! (#justwhatineeded)
As the weekend went on, a few of the ladies were brave enough to ask how I got my body to looks so good. That question made me laugh out loud as I had my period and felt as huge an elephant. I thanked them for the compliment (something I’ve been working on with loving myself. Accept a compliment when given one), but before I could continue on about my workout style, another girl shouted, “She’s a Stripper!” Some of the ladies laughed and others I did not know very well gave me looks of disgust. Boy did that ladies comment set me on fire! I maintained my cool, but kindly informed them that I in fact was not a stripper. Although the person who made the comment was only kidding, she potentially ruined my opportunity to help change another woman’s life for the better. The women who were interested to know more about pole faded quickly as they did not want to be associated with the stigma of being a stripper.


As aerial artists, we are all aware of the discrimination that comes a long with our sports. That is why whenever, I come across people with a negative mindset, I try to inform them of the benefits of our sport. Some people are open to change and others are just are not. Please when you come across these negative people, hold your chin high. You know deep inside that you are strong and beautiful.


Proof of this change is that our pole and aerial population is growing at phenomenal rates! We have grown so much that our studio is constantly changing to meet our needs. Aerial Dance is opening a new studio this September, creating advanced hoop classes, intermediate hammock classes, and they are constantly looking for ways to help women grow mind, body, and soul. I have never been to another gym or fitness studio that invest in their students as much as Aerial Dance. Our owner and instructors do their job everyday for their students, just as I do mine for my third graders!
Others may judge you, but be strong enough to help ensure the change in yourself and others. Change takes time and is not welcomed by all. As more time passes, people will accept us and our sports. Until then be you! Continue to do what makes you happy! Nail that first spin! Defy gravity in an invert! Build strength, flexibility, and grace! The best way to show them what they are missing is to continue to fly!

Until Next Time,