I have blogged, and so have others, about the aerial shows in a few different ways and perspectives, yet, I don’t remember reading any about the experience as someone from the audience. I have experienced the annual show and the student showcase as a performer, and I also have experienced both as an audience member. 

While vastly different, the experiences are both so entirely powerful and riveting and so many other amazing things. There are many reasons you may not be able to participate in one of the shows as an aerialist, and if at all possible, in those situations I would highly highly encourage you to participate by being in the audience.  It is an experience, I hope, to continue to have, in some form for many years to come. 

The atmosphere of the shows are empowering and encouraging whether you are on the stage or in the audience.  You can literally feel the power of the performers throughout the audience. The enthusiasm Paula brings as the MC/host is enough to encourage some of the most unexpected to give Aerial Dance a try. Before the show starts there is buzz, there is excitement, there is anticipation.  

The grace and strength you see on the stage is breathtaking and empowering.  I am a person who typically cries and I have had tears come to my eyes due to the powerfulness of some performances. The creativity is fun and exciting.  The personality of each of the performers comes through in ways you likely have not seen before. The sisterhood that embodies studio classes is felt and put on display. 

A uniquity of the Aerial Dance shows is the people at the aerial shows are there to support and encourage and show their love for someone they know on the stage.  It isn’t about “going to a show” so much as “showing up to support someone.” And the outcome is amazing. The support and outpouring of love that is the audience is one I have not experienced elsewhere. Every person, every strength, every beauty, all of it is not only embraced but supported and cheered for. 

The buzz that is alive before the show doesn’t subside or dwindle.  In fact, I would say by the end of the show the venue is as full of buzz as ever.  The pride that is felt by the performers, Aerial Dance staff, and audience is electrifying. The love and support that is outpouring from everyone would bust through any glass ceiling in existence. 

It is truly an experience you don’t want to miss. Regardless of my role at an Aerial Dance show, I have left feeling empowered, beautiful, and capable.  *nudge nudge** If you were considering buying a ticket to the show (which I cannot believe is not sold out) this is your sign, do it. You will not regret it.