Last weekend, I got into a screaming war with the guy that I had been seeing for the past few months.  I thought that it was only a fight. I intended to give him some space and to talk to him at work on Saturday when he would be sober.  He deleted me off of Facebook.  We were evidently done.   
My initial instinct was to send him a text and be like “seriously?!?!”  After talking to some of my Aerial/Pole sisters via text and Snap Chat, I decided not to react thanks to their good advice.  It was apparent that he was trying to get a rise out of me.  By reacting to him, I would be letting him win.  I was also given the good advice of avoiding places e would be for the next few weeks.   
Before going to the studio one day, I was angry, crying, and upset.  I was quiet while at the studio and going through the motions.  For those that know me, I am definitely not quiet and I tend to make my presence known.  After class, Instructor Olivia asked how I was doing.  I told her what happened last weekend.  In talking to Instructor Olivia, I realized that this was for the best.  However, that doesn’t make things any easier.

He was supposed to be my date for an Aerial/Pole sister’s wedding.  It’s probably safe to say that he will not be accompanying me.  After seeing the behavior that he exhibited on multiple occasions while intoxicated, that is probably a good thing.  My “Little Buddy” at the studio offered to take his place as I had already sent in my RSVP that I was bringing a plus one.  
 Aerial Dance isn’t only a place to work out at and learn cool tricks.  It’s also a place of friendship and sisterhood.  Besides my small core group of friends, the Aerial/Pole sisters are my people.  The studio is a place where I can actually be myself and discuss what is going on in my life.  My life has been a mess lately where I don’t know how I would be getting by without the studio and Aerial/Pole sisters in my life.