Our instructors are saying this all the time and we should all listen! Staying hydrated is super important. 

Recently I forgot my water bottle at home but I figured it wasn’t a big deal… boy was I wrong!! My body was not happy with me. I had to run to the restroom a few times to get a drink of water but it wasn’t enough. 

Most of us want to be stronger and more flexible. Keeping yourself hydrated while you are at the studio as well as before and after will help with this! 

When you are working on the strength side of it your body breaks down your muscles and rebuilds them.. being hydrated helps them do this much quicker and more efficiently! It also helps with your muscle recovery. Not to say that you won’t ever be sore after one of Aerial Dance’s amazing classes, but staying hydrated can help!

We all want to be more flexible… being hydrated helps with this too! Especially if you participate in some intense stretches or rolling out your muscles with a foam roller or bouncy ball. When you roll out your muscles you break down and release the fascia. Staying hydrated will help flush all the nasty toxins out of your body!

If you want your body to be happy and healthy keep it hydrated!