Women’s Health Week

This week is National Women’s Health Week. If you were to ask me last Sunday what that meant, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you. I probably been like “Yea! Go Women!”
Aerial Dance has been posting various websites/articles about Women’s Health Week, in my free time, I have been trying to read a few here and there. Free time for me is very precious, which causes me to lose sight of my own health goals. While I was reading the article Women’s Health Role Models, I couldn’t help to think about who my role models are. If you would like to know specifically who they are,  just ask! I have many!
One of the women in the article wrote about her role model and she shared this quote from them:
“We put the wrong emphasis on what beauty is and what health is. Health is being vibrant and having energy and being happy. If you’re healthy, it’s got nothing to do with how much you weigh.” – Ellen DeGeneres.
This quote made me think of all the women who attend Aerial Dance, instructors and students alike!!! You are healthy, you are beautiful, you have energy! Each of us in our own way at Aerial Dance is a role model for someone else.  I bet that it has never crossed your mind that you are a role model form someone else that you may not even know.  We as women come in all different shapes and sizes, but that doesn’t stop us! We are women hear us roar!!!!

Even the Smallest Gesture Can Make A Difference

Last week, one of my coworkers was not having the best day. She is one of the volunteer teachers who manages our elementary school’s Luv2Run club. I heard her in the office say that she had a bad day and didn’t feel like running. Even though she had a bad day she still showed up for her students. You might be wondering what any of this has to do with role models, but I am getting there.
As I walked to my car after work, to head to the studio, she ran past me. As she ran by, she said that she was not running as well as she wanted, but she was there. My reply to her was that no matter how well she ran, She had already won! She had a terrible day and could have had another  teacher cover for her, but she made the decision to stay. She chose to have the strength to overcome her bad day.
The following day at school this teacher approached me. She wanted to thank me for my kind words and that my encouragement lifted her up and changed her mindset about her running. I wasn’t a physical role model for her, but a mental one. I showed her the way to change her mindset about herself. This mindset shift allowed her to embrace her small victory of not giving up and throwing in the towel. It was not my intention to be a role model in that instance, but it helped her to model for her students that even on the worst days there are things to celebrate. Even in the smallest ways we are role models for others.

Mindset! I am changing. Are you?

For my graduate degree, I had to read the book Poor Students, Rich Teaching by Eric Jensen. This book talks all about being able to change your mindset form fixed (I can’t) to a growth mindset (how do I overcome) with students. I found that many of his strategies applied to all people not just students.  In the last chapter of the book he states that “Once you recognize you have the power to change yourself at any time you want, you’ll never be the same again.” This quote sent a shiver through my entire body! YES! I HAVE THE POWER! Life is about creating and growing into the person who can constantly create or recreate what they want out of their life!
In past two years I have shaped and reshaped my life into what I would like out of it. My life and future is still in the shaping process, but I know that I have the power to change it. As Women’s Health Week continues, I would like for you to  think about your mindset. Is your mindset fixed? Do you feel that you cannot make changes or get better. Do you use a lot of negative self talk?  Or do you view yourself in more of a growth mindset? Accepting new challenges head on? Trying to find new ways to overcome your struggles?
If you feel that you have a fixed mindset, know that you already made the decision to challenge yourself at Aerial Dance! What else are you capable of? Think about it!
Until Next Time!