​Aerial Dance, specifically pole, has been a huge eye opener for me. It really has built a new part of me, shown me different ways to workout and actually have fun, and taught me new outlooks in everyday life. I get a sort of excitement each time I go to my class and have these thoughts: “What will I learn that’s new today?!” and “What action item will I accomplish today?!” It really is something to get pumped about, but I can also see why people would feel awkward, shy, or even embarrassed to join…but here are some hot tips that I have learned along the way that has helped me feel better in class and be proud of what I do!

My first tip that really made me enroll in class: NOBODY CARES! I mean that, but not in the harsh way that you may think, but in the way that everyone is literally in the same boat as you! Some catch on faster, some gain their confidence later, but each person in your class is typically at the same level as you are!

Second, once you start to build that confidence in coming to class, DEFINITELY sign up for practices – especially if you are in the beginner or immediate classes. They are really so helpful and pinpointing the climbs, spins, or grips that you are struggling with. It’s also a great way to get to know that other people that are enrolled in class, other than the same group of people you see in your set class.

Adding to the second tip, but also could be a third, do not rush to buy the “grip” for your hands. Really practicing the spins and moves without it helps build your muscle and helps you to really understand your natural grip.

On the flip side of that, it’s most definitely needed during some spots of class – especially Advanced pole, then I would HIGHLY recommend! So, as previously mentioned, grip-up! Use it on your hands, elbow/knee pits, and inner thighs; those are main points of contact with the pole, so you want those areas gripping as much as possible. There are also different kinds of grip and it’s good to experiment with the different options when you need it, because it may work a bit differently for others than it does you!

Fourth tip, work on your upper body strength and all over flexibility. For the moves/spins that you are nailing, being flexible and strong enough to hold yourself there will help you and also make the move a lot prettier!

Last tip for you: Do not be embarrassed of what you wear! Embrace your body! You are going to need those booty shorts to save your life one day – LITERALLY!

Use these tips in your first pole class!
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