You know that saying, “You don’t use it, you lose it.” Well Steve and I got a real wake up call last week! Redesentizing is always a little bit of a shock, but when you have a doubles partner hanging from you……. the SHOCK is amplified. Steve and I plan to dance in the Aerial Dance Student Showcase! This will be our second performance. Working with Steve is always an amazing experience! Building a hoop routine with Instructor Kelly really helped us learn how to communicate better. Not only do we communicate better on the hoop, but it has helped us grow in our relationship too.

Steve hasn’t touched a hoop in almost 6 months. Thankfully Steve and I were fortunate enough to participate in Instructor Leah and Instructor Sarah’s Doubles Co-ed Hoop Workshop! The workshop was a blast, but we both realized that we need to get down the nitty gritty to put in the work so that we can be ready to perform. In the workshop we learned some thrilling and challenging new tricks! One trick requires a lot of trust and leaning. ! I unfortunately don’t have a picture of Steve and I doing the trick together, but that is next on the agenda. So please enjoy Instructor Sarah and myself.

Instructor Leah, “LEAN! LEAN!”

Another problem Steve and I are currently facing is that in early January, Steve was getting out of his truck to unload some wood we needed to burn at my parents and fell hard. He fell like a sack of bricks! I was thankful that he didn’t hit his head on the guard rail, we thought that maybe he only had some bumps and bruises, but after attempting some of the tricks and combos at the workshop, we found that Steve’s right calf/knee is not okay.

It is very painful for him to squat down and then try to stand up in the hoop. We are working on trying to figure out if he just has soft tissue damage that will heal or if an MRI is in his future. I am hopeful that we will be able to solve this problem and work through it. Otherwise we may not be able to perform in the Show Case at all. Steve and I for sure have a lot of conditioning is in our future and will work hard to be able to share our love of hoop with all of you!

Until Next Time,