Vertical Barre, that is!
Last week Friday, my day was not going well at all. I was in a terrible mood and felt like I was could just scream or explode. I had previously signed up for Vertical Barre using the Aerial Dance App ( If you don’t have this app it is a MUST!!!!). With my terrible mood ruining every other angle of my day, I was not about to let if ruin my work out! I hadn’t worked out all week, because it was parent teacher conference week and meetings on top of meetings. Needless to say I was past my time to work out last week. When Friday afternoon rolled around my mood was saying just cancel, you don’t have the energy to workout today.
Thankfully, I had more will power left in me than I thought. I pushed my sour mood aside and went to Vertical Barre. When I got to the studio, my mood started to shift, there is just something about going to place where you know you are safe and that they truly care about you as person, not just a number. I decided as I walked in that one way to kick my bad mood and bad day was to get a good sweat on. This is where Vertical Barre comes in! My class was with


This picture was taken after class once we stretched and cooled down. Instructor Kelly was happy to take a picture with me! LOOK AT THOSE CUPID CURLS!

instructor Kelly and she had an awesome work out planned for Vertical Barre last Friday. Vertical Barre is one of my favorite conditioning classes that Aerial Dance has to offer! I have taken this class with many instructors and I have never left this class feeling like I didn’t get an amazing workout!
For those of you who do not know what Vertical Barre is, it is an amazing whole body workout! You begin with a cardio routine that gets you warmed up and your heart pumping! After you go through the cardio routine you move into a sequence of strengthening exercises.  The strengthening exercises are my personal favorite part of the workout. After the strengthening sequence you move right back into cardio. During Vertical Barre you do not use any additional weights, aside from  your own body on the pole and if you choose a mat. Vertical Barre is an hour long class that is offered at a variety of times throughout the week.
As the class progressed on Friday my mood began to improve, I was dripping in sweat and my thighs were burning. There is not feeling like burning muscles and knowing that you are growing stronger each minute! When I began at Aerial Dance I did not take many if any conditioning classes. These past few months, I have fallen in love with all of the conditioning classes. If you don’t walk out of the Conditioning classes looking like me in the photo below, you were not giving it your all!

Sheer exhaustion after Vertical Barre with Instructor Kelly! Loved every minute of it!

After Vertical Barre on Friday, I attended a pole class on Sunday afternoon, because I missed my class last Monday. 🙁  My thighs were still a little sore from class on Friday. At class on Sunday I was able complete the Pegasus spin by jumping into it.. I have only been able to do this spin by dainty climbing first. I have a nice bruise on my bicep muscle as I pinched it in the transition to complete the spin. My jump on the way in is not the most graceful, but my exit was pretty awesome and I didn’t even try! This may be my all time favorite spin. Now to work on combinations and variations with it!

I can not wait to share with you all that I learn!
Until Next Time!