The amount of support that you receive during these classes is a lot of the reason that I continue to walk through the doors every week.  Like so many other women, I am not 100% pleased with my body. I know the way that my body used to be and how it is now.  Years have passed, metabolisms have slowed, and I am no longer the serious soccer player that I was, but yet I cannot stop comparing the two versions of myself.  The one place that I consistently lose all of my insecurities is the studio.  I see all of the other women and the absolutely amazing things that they manage to do with their bodies and I know that I would like to be just like them.  Surely, they too have insecurities but it is never an environment where they are concerned or seem to be bothered by them.  

In fact, it truly is the exact opposite, where every struggle is given support and any triumphs, no mater the size, are celebrated. Everyone in the class is there to help and cheer anyone else along, I have never once felt that anyone else looked down upon me because I couldn’t get a move. They only helped me by telling me tricks that helped them to figure it out.  The atmosphere in the studio is one that I cannot recommend enough.  Every day that I walk in the doors I feel something different, whether it is the tiredness from the long day, the soreness from a previous class, or the desire to nothing more than crawl back into bed and sleep. Then every time I leave through those exact same doors, I feel a different way. I feel happy. Happy that I had fun.  Happy that I did something hard, because there is always a new move that is hard, but happy that when I tried it, I was supported and encouraged by the others around me.  I have never once walked out the doors of the Aerial Dance studio in anything other than a good mood with a smile on my face that lasts for the rest of the night.  I hope that it will never change either, only continue to make me as happy as I have been made to feel.  I can also only hope that one day someone else will come along and I can make them feel as welcomed as I have been made to feel by everyone else.