The growth I find each term keeps me coming back.  Every class I get just a little bit further. Each small amount of success, each bruise, each struggle brings me back.  I am a competitive person by nature and each week I’m trying to be better than last week.  Each week I want to get a little farther than I did previously.  Even if it’s just a tiny amount closer to whatever move or pose I’m trying to hit.  I love seeing the awesome people around me get a little farther each week as well.  The support is amazing.

The instructors are great and encouraging.  They help push me to get a little farther each class.  They literally keep me from falling on my face and give me just enough support to get a little farther, safely, each time.

A few things I’ve learned along the way.  

1. Do not shave your legs on days you have pole class or you will just slide on the pole and have no grip.  I literally have a leg shaving schedule now that I’ve been taking classes on the same days of the week for a year.

2. Every person’s journey is different.  I personally struggle with floor work and pirouettes.  

3. Sometimes moving your body is more confusing when you invert them.  “I’m sorry which leg is my inside leg… okay but what do you mean by left?”  It’s also confusing the more twisted you are.

4. Don’t forget to breathe.  Bonus points for pointing your toes.

5. Take pictures. Pictures are a great reminder of your progress. I still remember the first term it was suggested that I take pictures of myself so I could see the change.  I can definitely tell that I have gained muscle, especially in my arms.  The visible change is another reason to push forward a little bit each time.

6. Encourage others!  Even though we each have our own journey it’s really nice to have support!  We are a community and it’s awesome to see eachother change as we grow.

7. Hydrate and Stretch.  Some moves you need flexibility… I definitely need to start stretching more…  

8. Do what scares you! (But obviously in a safe manner recommended by your instructor).  I always go home so excited to tell my partner (or anyone who will listen) about what I did in class, especially if I struggled or did something a little bit out of my comfort zone.