A simple word, but when you think about it, its quite complicated. I’ve been extremely busy lately – jut one thing after the next… Christmas show, choreographing Matilda, Christmas, Chicago, training and teaching at the studio, teaching at school, building a house… With as hectic as life is sometimes, I’ve been finding myself slowing down more and more (counter intuitive, I know) to focus on gratitude.

Things go awry so easily when we live such fast paced lives – constantly going from one thing to the next – if one appointment runs late it throws off the entire day’s plan!!! We’ve all had this happen, and it stinks. When things don’t go according to my beautiful plan written in my trusty planner, I stop myself. Take 5-10 deep breaths, and think about what I’m thankful for in that moment. By pausing to reflect on some good things, it keeps me calm, and prevents my anxiety from taking over and making an unfortunate circumstance even worse. By shifting my focus for just a few moments it can truly turn around your situation. Don’t get me wrong, its still stressful when things go wrong or meetings run long, but it helps me not make mountains out of mole hills.