Going Back to the Studio

I’m seeing so many posts about the fear and anxiety of going back to the studio and having our sisters judge us on our performance or lack thereof, or more accurately, on judging ourselves. Because, let’s face it, we typically hold ourselves to higher and more ridiculous standards that we would ever hold a friend to. . . . Sigh . . .  

 I want you to know that these thoughts and feelings are normal, but I also want you to really think about this, logically.  Yes, some of us have apparatuses at home, yes, some of us have still been working out and even using those apparatuses. However, I’m willing to bet that there are not many of us that are anywhere near the physical condition we were at when the studio was open.   Working out and playing at the studio is so much different than doing this stuff on our own in isolation.  There is just this magical motivation when we are working on things with the women we love close by, cheering us on.

The coolest thing about this is that we really are not alone in this coming back phase after quarantine. We are all pretty much in the same boat  t-o-g-e-t-h-e-r.  That in and of itself is of great comfort for me.  We all understand now what it is like to come back to this sport after a hiatus and one that wasn’t because we chose to walk away – we were kind of forced to.  

I think this gives us all a unique perspective on what it’s like to come back from an injury, without having to experience the injury!  We all probably have an Aerial Sister that has experienced an injury or illness which has pushed them out of the studio completely or even just limited their ability for a while. We have been there to cheer them on and watch their progress and to assure them that they ARE indeed making progress. We help to quiet those nasty inner voices for each other.  This return will be the same except that we are ALL that sister that is coming back and being too hard on herself AND we are ALL also going to be that sister that is supporting our fellow sister(s) through this re-entry into a sport that we are forgetting that we love.  

Please don’t let that shoulder devil get the best of you, wherever you are right now is perfect and you will recover and get back to where you were. We will all make sure of that together.