Self Love Party!

The Aerial Dance Self Love Party marked the end of Aerial Dance’s Self Love Challenge. Challenge isn’t really the best word. I feel that Self Love February was suppose make each of us a little more aware of what we need to love ourselves. The Self Love Challenge was a way for many women to give themselves permission to do acts of self love without feeling guilty. If you were not able to make the party, it was a blast! It was so nice to mix and mingle with pole sisters you don’t get to see too often! It was especially nice to see sisters from the Green Bay studio! Miss you ladies!
At the start of the party each lady was given a card with icebreaker questions. You needed to answer the question by finding someone else who shared your answer and write their name down. I thought this was really great. I know many of the women at the studio, but the new ladies I am still getting to know. It was a nice way to put faces with names!
After the ice breaker, we had an obstacle relay course. This part was a lot of fun and a little scary with socks on. During the course we had to exercise our skills as a team, but also show sportsmanship for the other teams. Being that we are all adults one would think it is easy to always utilize those skills, but some people don’t. I am proud to say in true Aerial Dance fashion, we all came together and cheered for one another. We all might have wanted to win, but we were able to see the bigger picture and support each other as we ran. I say this all the time, but I am still in awe of the community of women Aerial Dance has helped build!
I love each and everyone of my pole and aerial sisters! You make going through day to day life amazing and memorable! You are shining stars each in your own way. Thank you for being supportive, caring, generous, and just being there.
As we move through spring and into summer, I ask that you don’t lose all of the ways that you learned to love yourself last month. You love with the fullest of hearts, but YOU above all else deserve your love!

Chrissy took the picture of all the ladies from the party, so she was not in it. Student Jackie fixed that with her amazing Photoshop skills! Love all these ladies!

Showcase Update

Steve and I will be having our first Student Showcase lesson this Saturday! I am so excited! Steve is a little petrified, but I know he will be okay! I am proud to share that I was able to download and cut our song! It took some time, but I was successful! Add that to a list of skills I now have thanks to Aerial Dance!
As we are preparing for our first lesson, Instructor Kelly asked me to count out the music to the words in the song to be able to plan our routine. I initially thought this would not be a problem……. Turns out it is a big problem…… You remember that old saying, “If you don’t use it, you lose it?” Well, I haven’t truly counted out a song since high school. I sat for hours trying to figure it out, without any luck. I had to admit my defeat to Instructor Kelly, hopefully she will be able to reteach me on Saturday. Oh the things you learn about yourself!
I hope all of my fellow Showcase students are rocking their routines! I cannot wait to see them! The count down is on! We are just over a month out. My pole sisters who have competed or performed before, could you give us Showcase students a tidbit of advice?  Please leave that advice in the comments on the Facebook Blog Post. Thank you in advance!
Until Next Time,