In January of 2017, one of Sara’s coworkers asked her if she wanted to join her for a beginner pole class. On a whim, Sara said “yes.” After only a year and a half at Aerial Dance, Sara joined the instructor team in June of 2018. What’s even more impressive is that Sara has no other dance or fitness background! She was never a dancer, gymnast, or much of an athlete. Pole and the aerial arts are the first sports that have ever made her truly excited to pursue fitness as a lifestyle. Sara doesn’t have a real particular favorite move but she is excited about Butterfly which she is currently polishing. Another move she is working on and will be very happy to check off her list is Figure Skater. She’s getting closer but the mechanics of the move are still eluding her. She often reminds herself that “everyone’s journey is different, and that the only measure of your progress is against yourself, not those around you.”
For girls who are just starting their pole journey Sara says, “Remember you’re here to have fun – relax and breathe because you’re going to be great!” For those who have been doing pole for awhile and are having some struggles Sara recommends that you revisit some of the tried-and-true moves. Take some time to focus on making improvements to the details of moves you’ve got nailed down. Also, write down specific goals of one or two moves/tricks/sequences that you want to accomplish and when. Break them down into specific steps or seek guidance on what to do to reach toward those goals.
“Take time to step back and reflect on all the amazingness you’ve accomplished and give yourself the credit you deserve!”
While Sara loves the challenges, benefits, and joys of all the different classes offered, she has really fallen in love most with Hoop. She fell in love with Hoop because she feels truly beautiful and inspired when she plays on the apparatus. She has enjoyed sharing her love of Hoop at the Bazaar After Dark and says that anyone on the fence about performing should “Just do it! You only live once so seize all of the opportunities that you can!”
One of the best things to happen to Sara at the studio was sharing her love of the aerial arts at her happy place with her Momma! When she’s not at Aerial Dance she cares for the dogs and cats of the Fox Valley as a Certified Veterinary Technician. She is also a fur mama to 3 kitties and a sassy Corgi. She enjoys visiting her family, having outdoor adventures, and riding her motorcycle. Some fun facts about Sara are that she really loves sushi, and corgis, and cats.  She loves the smell of “fresh” after rainstorms, and men’s body wash. True Autumn is her favorite season and the wood of a State Park is one of her favorite places – especially at that time. Don’t ask her to pick a favorite State Park, she can’t. If she could live any place that she has traveled to, she would move to Valparaiso, Chile. Lily of the Valley, daisies, and sunflowers are her favorite flowers and Despicable Me (the first one!!) is one of her favorite movies.  One of her favorite feelings is the natural high and perfect mix of complete control/lack of control that she finds through motorcycle riding and the Aerial Arts.