Lynn and Chrissy have been friends for many years. Two years ago, Lynn was a ballroom dancer and was looking for ways to strengthen her core and obtain more body awareness. She saw some pictures that Chrissy was posting on social media of her pole classes. After talking with her friend, she soon joined her at the studio. Lynn spent one year as a student and became an instructor in October of 2016. She has a very extensive dance background starting with gymnastics as a kid and growing into all forms of dance. She spent some time as a teacher for tap, jazz and ballet and is now a competitive ballroom dancer in addition to her pursuits at Aerial Dance.
If you ask Lynn what her favorite pole move, trick or sequence is, she will excitedly answer, “All of them! I love them all!” Although, her current nemesis move is Coon, she knows that if she keeping practicing, it will improve. Some of the best advice she’s ever gotten on her pole journey is, “You did the move 2x in your life, it’s not going to be perfect.”
For girls walking in the door on their very first day of pole class, Lynn says you should have fun! She would also like to inform you that getting dizzy on the spinning poles is normal and it will get better the more you play on them! Lynn tells all her students not to get frustrated if you don’t have the strength now to do a move, because your strength will improve. She is arguably the biggest, loudest, most energetic cheerleader at Aerial Dance and when you finally get the strength and nail that move, the entire studio will hear “YASSSSS!!! Get it Girl!!!!” and cheer you on with her! If you’re stuck and haven’t nailed a new move in a while, Lynn says, “Don’t give up. Mix it up. Try other classes and don’t forget to do your conditioning.”
Lynn is so very happy she joined Aerial Dance back in 2015. She has gotten to fall in love with Pole and learn so many amazing spins and tricks. She has had the great experience of competition which pushed her to improve her skills and grow physically and emotionally. She has gotten to share her love of dance with countless women. But something Lynn didn’t expect when she joined Aerial Dance was to become a part of such an amazing family. She loves everyone and the relationships she has created here are simply priceless.
When she’s not at the studio, Lynn is a manager at a Fortune 500 company. She is a country girl at heart that doesn’t mind getting dirty but she loves being a girly girl with style. She lives on a beef farm but grew up a true Wisconsinite dairy farmer. She is married to her best friend, Dan, and they have two cats along with the cows. Her hobbies are ballroom dancing, working in her flower beds and spending time with her family.